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Attention Customers

Due to the pandemic and financial stress due to insufficient business, we will be closing our doors on 1st August 2022. With over 25 years in the business, we have had a very good run with a lot of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, we have had very little business over the past twelve months which has made us think it is time to shut shop forever. For those that have supported us over the past 25 years, we thank you with all our hearts.


PC Repairs

Desktop Computer
repairs at cheap rates

Computer Maintenance

Servicing computers
so they run properly

Virus Removal

Virus removal
including malware


The reputation of any business is fundamental in the customers mind. If a person believes that a particular business isn't very good, then that business loses that respect and trust. At Denlyn Computers, we have a strong reputation spanning over 25 years where we believe trust is the key factor in having customers returning and telling other people about our business.

As we are slowly closing our business down, we will be removing services that are no longer used or required. On this page, we will explain everything about our services and what we offer as time continues. To start this off, we have a motto that very few other business have and that is, "If we can't fix it, you don't pay" but this is no longer feasible so a $50.00 deposit will have to be paid up front. If it can be fixed, that $50.00 will come off the total cost of the invoice. If it can't be fixed, then that will cover the one hour fee to look at your computer.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please don't hesitate in phoning us.

Terms & Conditions

What we Offer

Service Description Result
Computer Repairs Desktop computers repairs only. $50.00 per hour
Upgrades No longer available.
New Computers No longer available.

Laptops no longer available.
No Fix, No Fee No longer available.
Fix, Fee As stated above, No Fix No Fee is no longer available. Upon inspection of your computer we will determine the price right there.

Keeping the computer overnight maybe required.

Services Computer services still available

For one hours work, you can have a healthy and cool computer back. If you require extra services done such as keyboard, mouse, monitor cleaning, extra time will be required.
$50.00 per hour
Mobile Service No longer available

Virus removal With a 99% success rate for removal of virus's and malware, we are very confident in saying no harm will come to your computer. There have been times when we have said to ourselves that we will not be beaten but alas, we are mere mortals in a cyberworld. Virus's are very rare nowadays as the leading antivirus vendors have now mastered and cleaned most of the world but they are still out there. The biggest problem are the malware files but you are probably thinking, isn't a virus more dangerous? Yes they are but they simply destroy where malware actually makes money for the petty thieves.

There are ways to determine if you are infected with malware and if you do suspect an infection, shut your computer down and take it to a technician (Preferrably Denlyn Computers). Here are some examples to watch out for.

  • ** Computer slows down to a crawl **
  • ** Control panel is inaccessable **
  • ** Your computer crashes every now and then **
  • ** Surfing is sluggish **
  • ** Popup adds start appearing everywhere **
  • ** Unable to access your antivirus **
  • ** Your browser keeps getting redirected **
  • ** You start getting ransom demands **
  • ** Nothing seems to be wrong **

Let's talk about the last one "Nothing seems to be wrong". Some types of malware actullay hide themselves leaving no activity. It's these little creatures that sit there waiting for a command to start harvesting all your personal information. "How do I know if I have one of those?" you ask. You don't so the best fix for that is do regular scans on your computer and always allow your antivirus to do the scans. These are rare but they do happen. If you feel or notice that you have one of the problems in the list above, call us today and we will explain more.
$50.00 per hour
File recovery No longer available.

Vinyl Record Conversion No longer available.

Tutoring No longer available.

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