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Attention Customers

Due to the pandemic and financial stress due to insufficient business, we will be closing our doors on 1st August 2022. With over 25 years in the business, we have had a very good run with a lot of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, we have had very little business over the past twelve months which has made us think it is time to shut shop forever. For those that have supported us over the past 25 years, we thank you with all our hearts.


What is Linux?

Full version operating systems for free

Why is it free?

That is what it was meant to be

Who pays for it?

Donations from people like you

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Created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, the very first Linux operating system (OS)was released to the public of that same year but Linux is just the kernel which people also refer it as the operating system. Windows, on the other hand, it's kernel is called NT but we don't call it that as Microsoft gives their NT releases names like Windows 7 or Windows 11. With the same being said about Linux, we have Ubuntu, Mint and Suse to name a few.

Linux has come a long way over the years from being a very awkward system to use, to a friendly and pleasing OS like mentioned above and after several decades, Microsoft is implementing Linux into their operating systems as they are more safe and secure. Windows 11 is the perfect example where they have taken ideas from Linux and installed them into Windows. Items such as Workspaces (Multiple Desktops), Task View (Window Spread), ISO Mounting, Windows to Go, UI, (User Interface), Social Integration, USB 3 support, Cloud Integration, ReFS (Resilient File System) to name a few. While you can adjust windows to look the way you want it, it is still a dominant force in What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), pronounced as Wizzy Wig. In saying that, most Linux distributions have at lease a dozen different styles of themes where you can change the color, the icons and much more.

Linux isn't for everyone as you can't simply put in a program (App) designed for Windows and run it natively. This means you have to use a program called WINE but to make it easier for everyone, there is always an alternative to the program you have. Microsoft Office would be changed to Libre Office and Photoshop can be changed to Gimp. You can still use WINE but it can be buggy sometimes so always take the attitude of, if it works, great, if it doesn't, move on. Being the opposite of Windows 11, there is no TPM requirements and you don't need a modern CPU to run it. Linux does draw the line on extremely old CPU's but we have actually installed Mint Cinnamon on a desktop computer dating back to 2011 and it worked just fine.

Below are a few Linux versions that is perfect for the beginner that have decided to leave Windows to find a better home. Each has it's own flavors and tastes and out of the box, Linux will work perfect for you but it will take a little bit of learning to use which is no different from moving from Windows7 to Vista or Windows 10 to Windows 11. We will be looking at the start menu, desktop icons, explorer and ease of use as these are the most common practices for everyone.

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Denlyn Computers recommends scanning for virus's when downloaded. Denlyn Computers takes no responsibility for infected files downloaded from third party sites.

Linux Mint Mate

Denlyn Computers recommends Linux Mint for ease of use



The future of Operating Systems

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A little bit more about Linux.


1. Always save into the "Downloads" folder.
2. Always scan files for virus's.
3. All files come as ISO file system
4. If under 1.5Gb, stop download.
5. Always download from Linux websites.


If you are unsure about downloading and burning the ISO to disk, contact Denlyn Computers to see Linux actually running on a computer. We have Mint Mate, Ubuntu, Elementary OS and Zorin installed on our computers to name a few and many other "Live Distro's" on disk. Call us today as our business is closing down in four months due to the lack of work and we will no longer have a website.