What is Freeware

Full version software
that may contain some adverts


Have a look at what
Linux has become today

What is Open Software

Full version software
created by people for free use


Ever since 2005, we have been keeping this webpage up and running for people to download quality free products with next to no adverts. Watching this page for internet traffic on a regular basis, we discovered on average, over 650 hits occurred every month through this page.

We don't actually have the downloads on our server as all the links take you to their respective owners but there is a lot of interest for this sort of thing. It's only a small list and we are always keeping an eye out for new products that are free and safe.

If you see a program that you like, this will take you to their download page so please scan all files for virus's. If you require assistance, please refer to the creators of the programs. We have included a link to our Linux page so you can see for yourself what a free operating system looks like. If you are interested in Linux, phone us today.

Denlyn Computers recommends scanning for virus's when downloaded. Denlyn Computers takes no responsibility for infected files downloaded from third party sites

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A little bit more about downloading programs.


1. Always download into the "Downloads" folder
2. Always scan files for virus's before opening
3. Some files may include addons. Untick them
4. File size. If small for what it is, it's junk.
5. Watch out for extensions e.g EXE, BAT, etc


We have always been a believer of free software but to the creators, it simply doesn't put food on their table. The big companies like Microsoft, Apple and Adobe to name a few, make a lot of money and perhaps they should start giving back because it was us that made them rich in the first place.
As for the small software makers, trying to bring out quality software, we also have believed that if you really love the program, buy it or donate some money