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For all your computer services, contact Denlyn Computers.

At Denlyn Computers, we have a strong reputation spanning over 25 years where we believe trust is the key factor in having customers returning and telling other people about our business. On this page, we will explain everything about our services and what we offer. To start this off, we have a motto that very few other businesses have and that is, "If we can't fix it, you don't pay". If it can be fixed, then you just pay the amount to have it repaired. If it can't be fixed, then you pay nothing. If you have any questions regarding our services, please don't hesitate in phoning us.

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Finding out what is going wrong with your computer or laptop can be daunting sometimes.

Along with you telling us what is happening, the first thing we check for is the "Posting". This is a small single beep that sounds out from your computer when it first starts up. This is telling us that the bios is booting fine and all the hardware is working.

As each Bios is different, if you hear more than one "Post beep", then there is a hardware or connection issue.
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The Bios is extremely important to not only you, but also to us.

Once we have an idea, we can start diagnosing the hardware by removing items. We keep doing this until we find out what is causing the issue. Once found, we give you your options and then we tell you how much it will cost.

Even the smallest detail like cables and wires can give you a headache. Trying to find out what is wrong, is our highest priority and we do it as quickly as possible.
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Hardware Failure
Over our years with repairing computers, the most common issue has been the memory.

Other hardware failures which are common, is hard drives, graphic cards, DVD drives, fans and of cause, motherboards.

All in all, it is a matter time before we find out the problem. If it is taking too long, we then ask you if we can take it back to our workshop in which you are not paying until we find the problem. Once found, the repair time is less.
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Software Failure
Software is another common issue for people.

The most common problem is corrupt drivers. This can be assessed easily by using the device manager for all the components for your computer. It gets a bit tricky here if the problem is with an actual program.

Corrupt update, or malware and even outdated computer systems can cause havoc. Windows 11 has restricted many old programs from running so checking for updates should be first.
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Services for businesses are extremely important.

Keeping a clean and fast computer is an utmost for businesses because the last thing they need is downtime. We don't do any major networking or programming for businesses any more but we do servicing for all those computers.

This includes cleaning, maintaining, repairs and upgrades for faster work performance. We even tidy up all those nasty cables that are lying around everywhere. Call us today to see what we can do for you.
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A clean computer is undoubtedly a happy computer.

If you feel uncomfortable opening your computer up and cleaning all the dust out, phone us today.

Dust build up is common in any household. Even if you have a spotless house, computers are virtual magnets for dust and they will find it. Ensuring dust is free from your fans, air intake vents, motherboard and hard drives, we make sure we clean every millimeter of your computer and laptop. This includes cleaning the dust from your keyboard and cleaning your screen.
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Call outs
We do offer free call outs but as business has slowed down and the cost of fuel risen, we are limiting our area.

Image of a map
Please refer to the map for the call out area.

Outside of this area may incur a fuel levy of $1.80 per km. (Inc GST)

Don't worry if you are just outside of the area. We're not that terrible.
No fix, no fee
No Fix, No Fee
If we can't fix it, you pay us nothing.

As an example, we work on your computer for one hour. If we can't repair it in that time, we then take it back to our workshop. At this point, you only pay for the one hour. At the workshop, we can spend hours on the computer for free. If we find the problem, we inform you of the costs.

If you agree, the repair should only take one hour but we do inform you if it will take longer. If all goes to plan, you pay for two hours work.
Just remember, if we can't fix it, you pay nothing.

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