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For all your computer parts and hardware needs, contact Denlyn Computers.

Hardware and pc parts for computers can be in just about any form including desktop computers, laptops, motherboards, CPU's right through to hard drives.

Computer hardware doesn't last forever and in saying that, new operating systems doesn't allow for older hardware either. Replacing or upgrading your hardware is essential in modern operating systems, so if you are in need of hardware when it breaks or needs upgrading, it is as simple as contacting us to order in the parts you require.

If you have any questions regarding our services for hardware purchasing, please don't hesitate in phoning us.

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Image of intel cpu Image of amd cpu
CPU's of all types are available through our suppliers

Depending on which you prefer, we have access to Intel i3, i5, i7, i9 and Intel Core™ X-series Processors. If you love AMD, then the full range of Ryzen series including the Threadripper and Pro processors. Not into the high powered CPU's, then the AMD Athlon and Intel Celeron series could be your budget. It all depends on what you want out of a computer. Gaming? Business? Home use?

Call us today to see what is available.
Image of gigabyte motherboard Image of intel motherboard
The full range is out there so it's your choice.

Our prefered MB (Motherboard) is Gigabyte but there are also Intel, Asus, MSI and ASRock to name a few. But what about the size?

ATX (Advanced Technology EXtended motherboard) are full height MB's while you can get mATX (Micro ATX) which are smaller and have fewer card slots in it.

The choice is yours but once again, do you want it for gaming or home/business use.
Image of graphics card
GPU stand for Graphics Processing Unit or simply put, a graphics card.

A full range of GPU's are available from gaming through to home use. If you have twin monitors and want to use the full ability of both cards, then look for MB's that have either AMD crossfire or Nvdia SLI support.

This allows the cards to work together and give you better performance but if you are not into that sort of thing, then using the in-built graphics would be your better option.
Call us today for your options.
Imasge of a computer memory
From DDR4 through to DDR5, computer memory is very important.

We won't be shy about this as there are so many brands and types out there, it can be very confusing trying to pick which one is required.

All that has to be remembered is the type (e.g DDR4) and what the speed is (e.g 3200Mhz). Leaving the rest to us will take the hassle out of everything.

We normally ask how much memory you want and if you are into gaming so call us today for more info.
Image of a computer hard drive Image of a computer hard drive
Hard drives
Sata, SSD, M.2? What's all that about?

Sata (Serial ATA) is what you most probably have already. Slow but that is what we had for the time. SSD's (Solid State Drives) are getting cheaper and faster by the day and are perfect to replace your old Sata hard drives. The M.2 (or NVMe) looks like a memory stick but connects directly to the motherboard. These are even faster than SSD's and take next to no space in your computer or laptop.

If you want to speed your computer up, we recommend the SSD's or M.2 drives.
Call us for a price.
Image of a disc Image of a disc Image of a disc
Mice, keyboards, printers, speakers, we can get the lot in for you.

For a full range of components that make your computer complete, we can also get in all those other items that includes monitor brackets, label makers, multimedia memory, POS systems, projectors, scanners, unlimited power supplies and much more.

Not only can we get all of the above, cables connectors, mobile phones and cases, notebook accessories, power supplies and so much more as well.

Don't wait, call us today
Image of a desktop computer Image of a laptop
Branded and generic system desktop computers and laptops are waiting for you.

All the pre-built desktop computers and laptops come in most major brands like HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Gigabyte and Dell. All are major leading brands but the majority of laptops we sell are built for businesses in mind, meaning they are tough and withstand the rigours of being jostled around a bit.

We also can get in the Leader© range of computers and laptops which are absolutely superb. Call us today and we will tell what we have on offer.
Image of monitor Image of all in one computer
We can get you the full range of monitors.

From the 19" compact monitor to the large 27" curved monitors, we have access to the full range and all brands. Also noted in Peripherals, we can cater for dual monitor stands through to six screen monitor holders. All come as standing or mount fit.

We have added the all-in-one computers as that is basically a monitor. Our most popular range has been Lenovo but Dell and HP are common as well. Call us today to place your order.
All images are for illustration purposes only.
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